We are an enterprise focused in cutting edge security systems for people and buildings, with an entrepreneur soul to offer products and services adapted to modern times. For any question we put in service a telephone number: +34 668818162 and the email: We install all our systems in Catalonia; and also supply all around the world. 


Our main business security know-how is focused in 4 areas, indicated below:

ELECTRONIC SECURITY: we are suppliers of the best brand marks in electronic security, as CCTV, INTRUSION ALARMS, VIDEO SURVEILLANCE KITS, ONLINE SURVEILLANCE FOR HOUSES AND SHOPS WITH IPHONE, IPAD & ANDROID, SMOKE & GAS ALARMS, ... Contact us and we will prepare a quotation adapted to your requirements.

ONLINE SURVEILLANCE FOR HOUSES AND SHOPS WITH YOUR OWN IPHONE, IPAD & ANDROID: watch over your home, family or business wherever you are. It works at any time and with no monthly charges. Quick installation, to manage and control online in English language.

KITS ANTI INTRUSION from 249,70€: wiring detection package including 1 central, 1 keyboard, 3 infrared, 1 drums, 1 siren.

FIRE safety: we are distributors of the innovative MINIBOMBERO product, the SICUR2010 Innovation Prize, the first fire extinguisher foam packaged in a spray of lightweight aluminum, and easy to use for anyone.

The MINIBOMBERO is the only one that incorporates a foam which stops the fire in oil, ketones, oil, tires, solids, gases... The first certificate for class F fires, which are the caused by oils, as well as classes A, B, C traditional. It is not toxic or irritating. Biodegradable. Turn off up to 50 litres of oil burning. Expands 30 times its volume. Quick and easy clean-up after the application, your business stops without loss of gender. SICUR2010 innovation award. Anti-Crisis prices. 100% National product.

KIT MINIBOMBERO 25.00€: provide the MINIBOMBERO with a clip, screw and plastic anchor to secure it to the wall. We also supply MINIBOMBERO with a Velcro tape, to choose. 100% National product.

SECURITY of goods and money: CHESTS of security W-BOX for recessed mounting in walls or floors. We are distributors. It combines design, high security and discretion.

The safety boxes allow each have value and money, valuables at home or in your business, hidden discreetly and easily accessible. We offer a fast installation and very clean, or you can install yourself with total discretion. It is a security chest wall cylindrical and rectangular in floor with locking points and very discreet appearance. 100% National product.

PERIMETER security: high-strength wire enclosures, spiral blades, skewers for ends in walls and ceilings,...

The safety wire enclosures, spirals of knives and skewers for ends of walls and ceilings are a very effective solution to prevent unwanted access to your real estate and loved.

Skewers for ends in walls and ceilings.

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